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Technology Overview

Blendics’ family of products enhances the existing system-on-chip (SoC) tool flow with an error-free global interconnection network—an asynchronous network-on-chip (ANoC)—allowing engineers to easily create modular, hierarchical designs for today’s denser chips. 

The product family consists of:

  • DANI (Delay-tolerant Asynchronous Network Interface) wrappers provide an interface between traditionally designed, synchronous cores and the global asynchronous network-on-chip.
  • ClosureACE, is a tool facilitating the design of an Asynchronous Network-on-Chip that easily and reliably connects DANI-wrapped objects, eliminating the need for global timing closure. 
  • MetaACE, which makes it possible to simulate and validate synchronizer performance during metastability with greater ease and accuracy than previously possible.

For new designs, each synchronous core interface is “wrapped” with a DANI wrapper, allowing that core to be  interconnected asynchronously using the ClosureACE global interconnect tool.

MetaACE is the typical starting point for existing designs, where it can be used to identify metastability issues and determine the circuit’s true reliability and MTBF.

Next steps:

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