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About Blendics

Blendics offers design services, design tools and silicon IP that enable companies to harness the speed and performance of hardware acceleration and system-on-chip (SoC) integrated circuits. 

Our products, DANI and ClosureAce, provide an Asynchronous Network-on-Chip (ANoC), enhancing the existing tool flow with an error-free global interconnection network, allowing engineers to easily create modular, hierarchical designs for today’s denser chips. As a result, our customers experience reduced development costs and time-to-market for SoC designs.

Blendics was founded in 2007 to commercialize research carried out at Washington University in St. Louis and Southern Illinois University - Edwardsville.  Founders Jerry Cox, David Zar, George Engel and Tom Chaney together have over 130 years of experience in high performance computer system design.

The company is a recipient of multiple National Science Foundation grants and in 2011 received an initial round of venture capital funding from National Innovation Fund, an Omaha-based venture capital firm. 

Blendics is the second enterprise for CEO Cox, who was a founder of Growth Networks, a chip-set company sold to Cisco in 2000 for $350 million. The Growth Networks chip-set became the basis for Cisco's CRS-1, their top-of-the-line router.

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