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As system-on-chip integrated circuit designs have grown in complexity, the limiting factor in performance and reliability has become the ability to efficiently connect the chip's functional blocks together, while meeting overall speed, timing and power constraints.

Blendics helps companies reduce the cost and time required to deliver reliable, maintainable and high-performance SoC designs.

Blendics Products provide an Asynchronous Network-on-Chip, enhancing the existing tool flow with an error-free global interconnection network, allowing engineers to easily create modular, hierarchical designs for today’s denser chips. 

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"We look forward to collaborating with you on the investigation of metastability in deep submicron processes."

Alireza S Kaviana, Ph.D.

Principal Engineer, Xilinx


"Two substantial technology trends buttress my optimism for Blendics. First in the absence of aggressive clock frequency scaling in future semiconductor devices, increasing system-level integration -- in the form of systems-on-a-chip -- is the only clear path to increasing performance and functionality while decreasing power and cost. Second, the costs associated with the verification of large digital designs have risen dramatically in recent years, and they now represent a primary risk factor in the planning of new semiconductor products. By simplifying the design and verification of systems-on-a-chip, Blendics transforms these two technology trends into strategic advantages."

Patrick Crowley

Associate Professor

Department of Computer Science

and Engineering

Washington University   

"I enthusiastically support the Blendics Commercialization Plan for their design tool known as ClosureACE. They refer to the rapidly increasing problems with global timing closure and clock domain crossing verification. They propose this trend will accelerate with each doubling of transistor density. From my perspective, the problem is alive and well at today's transistor density levels. I believe Dr. Cox and his team are uniquely qualified to bring this solution to a market in great need."  

Gregory A. Sullivan
CEO, Global Velocity
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